Fantasy Adventure 'The Wish of Fairy Fish' Charms Mongolian Theaters

 'The Wish of Fairy Fish' produced vy CTB film company comes to theaters across Mongolia after the tremendously successful box-office at home
The main character,  Emilio, a young adventurer, finds himself entwined in an enchanting tale when he captures a magical pike that transforms into the sorceress Vasilisa.
Bound by a fairy fish curse, Vasilisa must grant three wishes but remains unable to fulfill her own desires. As Emilio and Vasilisa's connection deepens, they fell into hands of the capricious king's daughter, Anthea.
 Emilio has to  take on perilous quests orchestrated by the determined and arrogant Anthea. From encounters with the monstrous Croon Cat  up to venturing into the Underworld the Wish of Fairy Fish' promises a spellbinding narrative filled with magical twists, perilous challenges, and the timeless theme of love overcoming everything.