Three Heroes: Gambit

GenreAnimation 2D, Animation movie
Release date1 January 2015
DirectorKonstantin Feoktisov
Script byAlexandr Boyarskiy
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Alexandr Boyarskiy
Production CompaniesMelnitsa Animation Studio, CTB Film Company
Runtime74 min.


Sergey Makovetskiy,
Dmitriy Bikovskiy-Romashov,
Valeriy Soloviev,
Oleg Kulikovich,
Dmitriy Visotskiy,
Dmitriy Nagiev,
Nargiz Zakirova,
Gosha Kutsenko

An unexpected conspiracy against the Prince threatens the reign! Unfortunately, the heroic trio of Alex, Dobrynya, and Elijah are absent, busy dealing with their own quests. Even the mighty Dragon Fireworm is on vacation, leaving the kingdom vulnerable. Horse Julius takes it upon himself to lead the rescue operation. With his tactical brilliance and unwavering spirit, he sets out on a mission to foil the nefarious plot and protect the Prince and the entire world.
However, as Julius and his team embark on their daring adventure, things don't go exactly as planned. Join Julius and his unlikely band of allies in "Three Heroes: Gambit" as they navigate a treacherous journey filled with humor, action, and unexpected challenges.