Three Heroes: Gambit

GenreAnimation 2D, Animation movie
Release date1 January 2015
DirectorKonstantin Feoktisov
Script byAlexandr Boyarskiy
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Alexandr Boyarskiy
Production CompaniesMelnitsa Animation Studio, CTB Film Company
Runtime75 min.


Sergey Makovetskiy,
Dmitriy Bikovskiy-Romashov,
Valeriy Soloviev,
Oleg Kulikovich,
Dmitriy Visotskiy,
Dmitriy Nagiev,
Nargiz Zakirova,
Gosha Kutsenko

The court horse Gaius Julius Caesar, to his misfortune, learns about the conspiracy against the Prince of Kiev. Three heroes are far away catching the sea robber Potanya, Dragon Gorynych is on vacation… But if the bad guys are going to take over the world, then someone needs to save him? Who is he, the real hero who will come to the rescue? Of course, the horse Julius, a real strategic mind! He will certainly save everyone, and if he doesn’t save, then at least he will try. But the rescue operation uber Julius commandment turns into a complete disaster…