Three Heroes and the Sea King

GenreAnimation 2D, Animation movie
Release date1 January 2017
DirectorKonstantin Feoktistov
Script byAlexander Boyarsky, Svetlana Sachenko
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky
Production CompaniesCTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation Studio
Runtime75 min.


Sergey Makovetsky,
Dmitry Visotsky,
Oleg Kulikovich,
Valery Soloviev,
Dmitry Bykovsky,
Elena Shulman,
Liya Medvedeva,
Maria Tsvetkova

Faced with troubles in their family lives, Alex, Dobrynya, and Elijah come up with a plan to embark on a quick journey to China. Meanwhile, the Prince, accompanied by his loyal Horse Julius, sets out on his own adventure to seize the riches of the Sea King. However, there's a catch. The Sea King has made plans to get married and, in preparation for the grand occasion, has submerged the city underwater.
Now our heroes are faced with a dilemma. How can they overcome the challenges before them and find a way to restore the city and rescue it from the depths? The answer lies in the enduring power of friendship, bravery, and love. As they navigate treacherous waters and encounter formidable obstacles, the bond between the heroes grows stronger, and they discover that together they can overcome any adversity.