The Wish of Fairy Fish

GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Release date2023
ProducerSergey Selyanov

Emilio, a young man, catches a magical pike that transforms into the sorceress Vasilisa. As a result of a curse of  the fairy fish placed on her, Vasilisa is forced to grant anyone's three wishes but is unable to fulfil her own desires. Vasilisa falls in love with Emilio, but she has to help him win the heart and hand of the capricious king's daughter Anthea, Emilio must complete a series of perilous tasks. Anthea, who is arrogant and determined to destroy the unexpected bridegroom, sends him on dangerous quests to the monstrous Croon Cat and even to the Underworld in search of her deceased mother's blessing. With the help of Vasilisa's magical powers, Emilio manages to overcome each challenge, and eventually realizes that he is in love with Vasilisa too. However, treacherous Anthea has her own agenda and seeks to obtain the magic power of the fairy fish for herself.