Nutcracker and Magic Flute

GenreAnimation 3D, Animation movie
Release dateDecember 8, 2022
DirectorViktor Glukhushin
Script byVasiliy Rovenskiy
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Vasiliy Rovenskiy
Production CompaniesCTB Film Company, Skazka Animation Studio, with support from the Film Fund
Runtime88 min.


Lyubov Aksyonova
Prokhor Chekhovskoy
Aleksey Chumakov

Оn Christmas Eve, Marie makes a wish to become little and carefree again as in childhood.Miraculously, her wish comes true, Marie turns very little, the size of her childhood toys, that all come to life. The unattractive Nutcracker transforms into a beautiful prince George, who has been put under a spell cast by a sinister queen of rats. In the Christmas animation adventure Marie, George and their toy friends travel to the magical Land of Flowers with a mission to save the world from control of the rat people. Successfully sold to Lionsgate in the USA and 40 other countries.