Little Longnose

GenreAnimation 2D, Animation movie
DirectorIlya Maximov
Script byAlexander Boyarskiy
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Alexandr Boyarskiy
Production CompaniesCTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation Studio
Runtime85 min.

Little Longnose is a captivating animated film inspired by Wilhelm Hauff's beloved fairy tales. The story revolves around a young boy named Jacob, who possesses a heart filled with kindness and compassion. Despite facing adversity, Jacob resolutely refuses to trade his benevolent nature for one made of stone.
However, his steadfast refusal catches the attention of a wicked witch who casts a spell, transforming Jacob into an ugly dwarf. To further torment him, the witch employs the Wheel of Time to rob him of seven precious years of his life. Plunged into a world of ridicule and animosity, Jacob endures the harsh trials brought upon him by the witch's cruel enchantment.
Amidst his challenging journey, Jacob encounters a seemingly ordinary goose who, to his astonishment, unveils herself as a bewitched princess. The unlikely pair forms a deep and enduring friendship as they embark on a quest to thwart the witch's malevolent schemes.
With its enchanting animation, heartfelt storytelling, and timeless themes, Little Longnose transports audiences to a world of magic and wonder. It is a tale that celebrates the triumph of goodness over cruelty, reminding us all of the enduring power of kindness and the beauty that lies within.