The Barkers Team

GenreAnimation 3D, Animation movie
Release date25 August 2022
DirectorElena Galdobina, Fedor Dmitriev
Script byElena Galdobina, Fedor Dmitriev
Producer Aleksandr Boyarskiy, Sergey Selyanov
Production CompaniesMelnitsa Animation Studio, CTB Film Company

Five friendly Barkers’ kids dream of winning the best Internet show contest with their original channel. The show gets a lot of likes and views, but The Barkers are still far from real Internet stars, such as Kitty Kate. Accidently, Kate becomes their neighbor and makes friends with cheerful family but her mentoress sees the Barkers Team as competitors and is causing a rift among them. But friendship will always win! Even if they need to get inside the web, catch slimy viruses and reveal the cunning intrigue, cats and dogs are unstoppable when they are together!