Three Heroes: Alex, the Son of the Pope

GenreAnimation 2D, Animation movie
Release date23.12.2004
DirectorKonstantin Bronzit
ProducerSergey Selyanov, Alexandr Boyarskiy
Production CompaniesCTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation Studio
Runtime75 min.

Once upon a time, in the Russian city of Rostov, the fearsome army of Tugarin demanded that the city surrender itsgold or else suffer the consequences. Alosha a young son of a priest had a plan: Rostov would put its gold into thecave above the city, lure Tugarin inside, and close off the entrance with a huge boulder. Everything went perfectly, exceptthat the boulder rolled down the mountain, demolished Rostov and Tugarin ran away with the gold. Aloshawas ashamed and vows that he will get back the gold and his good name.Joined by his devoted uncle, his beautiful fiancée, her nagging grandmother, their stoic donkey, and an extremelytalkative horse, Alosha sets off on a journey that made him a legend.