The Ultimate Planet

GenreAdventure, Sci-Fi
Runtime180 min min.
Release date2026

After surviving a clinical death, Dan Cruncher "Crunch " is flooded with memories he never lived: of his service in an alien landing party, of fierce battles, loyal friends, and a beloved girlfriend.
Determined to untangle reality from illusion, Crunch finds himself locked in a high-stakes struggle against formidable foes—both on Earth and a distant alien planet. The ultimate prize of this epic confrontation is a panacea capable of saving those he holds dear and transforming the fate of humanity itself.

Amidst the relentless threat of deadly extraterrestrial creatures, every moment at the Ultimate Planet pulses with danger and suspense, ratcheting up the tension. But at its
heart, this is also a tale of profound sacrifice and a love that transcends all boundaries, shining brightly even in the darkest corners of the universe.