The Enchanted Tinderbox

GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Runtime100 min.
Release date2024

In a kingdom shrouded in darkness,  the malevolent VileGuile seized power, casting a wicked enchantment over the Queen  and imprisoning the blind little princess, Darya, within the Enchanted Tinderbox. Fate intervenes as the box finds its way into the hands of the carefree roisterer Johnny whose only dream was to live an easy life.
Travelling with Darya, John undergoes a profound transformation. His once-selfish nature gives way to courage and generosity, evolving into a true hero. Alongside their faithful companions, the  merry aeronaut Jean and  the magical horse Good Pathfinder,  John and Darya's  journey takes them to the sombre caves of dwarf miners, where they forge the unbreakable friendship, and to the ethereal sky kingdom of magic ladybirds, leading  John to understanding the boundless power of  .love and self-sacrifice.
The Enchanted Tinder Box' is a spellbinding fairy tale that weaves a narrative of friendship, mercy, and the enduring values that illuminate even the darkest of realms.