GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Release date2025
DirectorDmitry Khonin
Script byAlexander Arkhipov
ProducerSergey Selyanov

My Pet Dragon follows Alex, a carefree marine with a knack for breaking the discipline. During a deep-sea exploration mission, Alex's bathyscaphe malfunctions, plunging him into the depths of the ocean and unexpectedly transporting him to a magical, medieval world.
In this enchanting realm, Alex stumbles upon a tiny dragon and adopts him as a pet. The kingdom survives through severe turmoil: the seemingly sick prince is being manipulated by the treacherous nobles and a slimy doctor bribed by evil Count Rudolph, who, with his band of knights, plots to seize control over the country. Princes' daughter Mary, desperate to save her kingdom, seeks Alex's assistance.
Despite his initial lack of heroic instincts, Alex finds himself drawn into the intrigue and has to remember his lessons in the Marine Academy. He embarks on a series of funny and thrilling escapades, gradually transforming from a happy-go-lucky rule-breaker into an unexpected hero with his pet dragon and princess Mary by his side. 
"My Pet Dragon" is a heartwarming tale filled with adventure, charm, humor and the triumph of good over evil.