Moonzy: Homecoming

GenreAdventure, Animation 3D
Runtime80 min.
Release date2024

Moonzy Homecoming is a heartwarming preschool animation movie that follows the adventures of Moonzy, a fluffy and cute Moonchild who calls Earth's forest meadow home, along with his friendly insect friends. One day, Moonzy discovers a way to return to the Moon, his original home. However, his journey is not without challenges: Moonzy's best friend, the grasshopper Skip, is deeply upset that Moonzy wants to get back home. Old scientist Moth, who has a deep curiosity for lunar science, tries to interfere and prevent Moonzy's Homecoming for the sake of his research. Adding to the chaos are mischievous twin caterpillars, Woopsie and Poopsie, who create their usual mess wherever they go. As Moonzy embarks on his extraordinary journey back to the Moon, he must overcome a lot of obstacles and decide where his true home is.